They said about us


Jo-Anne Blouin

Jo-Anne Blouin 

Director of the Children's Film Festival in Montreal / Canada

"The Zlín festival is fantastic! It is one of the best I've ever visited. Not only do you get to see a wide range of films for children and teenagers here, but also the work of young filmmakers."

Frodo Kuipers

Frodo Kuipers 

Director, jury member / Netherlands

"The Zlín Film Festival was a great experience for me! It gave me the opportunity to enjoy its fantastic atmosphere, very good organization and the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people. Thank you very much, Zlín!"


Jacco Groen

Jacco Groen 

Director / Netherlands

"I'm truly grateful that festivals like the one in Zlín exist. In my opinion, it is a unique, well organized event with a friendly atmosphere. I'm grateful for being part of all this."

Michael Harbauer

Michael Harbauer 

Director of the Festival for Children and Young Audience in Chemnitz / Germany

"This is a very warm-hearted and welcoming film festival. Thank you so much for the hospitality that not only I, but also the children's jury got to enjoy! I'm happy to have contributed to the establishment of friendship between the Zlín Film Festival and the Schlingel Festival in Germany."



Maria Doyle Kennedy, irská herečka a zpěvačka

Maria Doyle Kennedy 

Actress / Ireland (The Commitments)

"Thank you, Zlín. We had a wonderful time at your festival. We were greated with warmth and they treated us like a royal family. We had the chance to meet with a few interesting and creative people! But I'm most grateful for the intelligent and well thought out content of the festival program. I left with a big list films that I have to watch. Thank you."


Patrick McCabe, irský spisovatel, člen Mezinárodní odborné poroty pro soutěž Evropských debutů

Patrick McCabe 

Writer, member of the International Professional Jury for the European Debuts competition / Ireland

"Zlin's festival is unique, full of vitality, excitement and enthusiasm. It's probably the best festival of its kind and with its concentration on youth and children it ensures that the magic of film is truly in safe hands in today's world. Bravo, Zlín!"


Martin McCann, irský herec (Souboj titánů, Je třeba zabít Bona)

Martin McCann 

Actor / Ireland (Killing Bono, Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne)

"From the moment I arrived at the Zlin Film Festival, I was overwhelmed by the festival's energy and the way I was greeted. I was lucky to have experienced the celebration of Irish film at the festival, which made the whole thing even more special. People were friendly and nice. I felt real warmth and appreciation over the fact than I took part at this growing festival."

Martin Duffy, irský scenárista, režisér a střihač, člen Mezinárodní odborné poroty pro hraný film

Martin Duffy 

Screenwriter, director and film editor, member of the International Expert Jury for Feature Film / Ireland

"I had a wonderful time at Zlín's film festival. When I was at the festival, I once again saw the warm and willing smiles that I miss. My work in the jury was interesting. The joy of being among such warm and fantastic people – that will be what I remember most from my stay."


Hugh O´Conor, irský herec (Čokoláda, Moje levá noha)

Hugh O´Conor 

Actor / Ireland (My Left Foot)

"It was a great honor to be part of Zlín's film festival. My reception was incredibly friendly and the choice of films for children and adults was great."



Stana Katic, kanadská herečka

Stana Katic 

Actress, member of the International Expert Jury for Feature Film / Canada

"The film festival in Zlín was a great experience. I liked the city and I was captivated by the Baťa skyscraper. The entire building impressed me. As a member of the jury, I had to see a lot of films. The screenings of the competitive films were very emotional and the movies took my breath away. And the best thing about a festival like this is that you get to meet other filmmakers. I have a wide range of beautiful memories from Zlín's film festival. It was great."

Bulharský herec Ivan Barnev (Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále)

Ivan Barnev 

Actor, member of the International Professional Jury for the European First Films Competition / Bulgaria

"My stay in Zlín was great. This was my first time at a festival for children and young people and I was really happy to gain some experience in such an atmosphere. And for that, I was invited to do something that I like best – watch movies! To tell the truth, I didn't know anything about Zlín's festival before my visit, but I was surprised to find out that it is one of the most important film festivals in Europe and that it has a huge amount of diverse films from all over the world."


Yuki Yamamoto, Britský skladatel

Yuki Yamamoto 

Composer, member of the International Expert Jury for Feature Film / United Kingdom

"This festival is not only supported by children, film critics and film professionals, but by the whole city and its surroundings. Its warmth ranks at the top of all the festivals I have visited. I'm extremely thankful to the festival for giving me the opportunity to participate at such an exceptional event and I hope that I'll return to Zlín soon."

János Bán, Jiří Menzel (Vesničko má středisková)

János Bán 

Actor / Hungary

"There is an extremely pleasant atmosphere in Zlín. I have pleasant memories of my stay in Zlín ten years ago. And that was despite the fact that I didn't have too much time to look around the city that time. This year I corrected that mistake. In addition, I attended many talks and various social events, and film screenings. Each movie managed to stir something in me. I am so glad that went back to Zlín and met so many friends."


Jan Hřebejk, režisér

Jan Hřebejk 

Director, member of the International Expert Jury for Feature Film / Czech Republic

"The festival has the advantage of traditionally taking place at the start of summer when Zlín has such beautiful weather. So apart from its film program it also provides many attractions that are not film-related. That's why it's so popular with guests. It might be necessary to stress that even adult film fans come to this festival. This year (2011) there was a wonderful series of classic Italian and Hungarian films."



Rock Demers

Rock Demers

Producer / Canada

"I am very pleased to have been able to participate at the 50th anniversary of the Zlín Film Festival for children and young people. The scope of the festival was really great. Amazing in terms of film screenings and the technical quality of the screening halls, the variety of film sections, the mix of old and brand-new films. It is a perfect illustration of what has been, is and will be the vitality and originality of Czech cinema for children and youth. It is great in terms of its organization, total number of films and guests from all over the world. The team managed to schedule everything before, during and after the festival despite floods. Amazing in terms of the warmth and kindness with which each guest has been welcomed and taking care of during their stay. Amazing in terms of its closing ceremony and afterparty. Truly the whole staff of the festival could not have done better to celebrate this 50th anniversary. Congratulations and thank you in all sincerity."

Scott Rosenbaum

Scott D. Rosenbaum

Director / USA

"The great honor of arriving in Prague and taking the ride along the Czech countryside to Zlin with legendary Director Vojtech Jasny was well worth the long trip. I must admit I was unsure how my film, an American independent picture, would be received in a country with such a rich cinematic history. Having the privilege to screen, "The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll," on the opening night at the Grand Cinema was one of the most gratifying experiences of my career. The audiences response and appreciation for the film was something I will never forget. The festival was so well organized, so gracious in welcoming me and my film that I am grateful for having had the opportunity to have been a part of the rich 50 year history of this event. I look forward to a long relationship with Zlin and hope to show many more films at this great event and visit with the many friends I made there, in the future."  


Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker

Actress / United Kingdom (The Kid, Venus)

"I had a wonderful time at the festival and felt incredibly welcome. It was fantastic seeing all those children enjoying films from across the world. I hope the festival's success continues for many years to come."


Jiří Menzel

Jiří Menzel

Director / Czech Republic

"There are so few pleasant family festivals in the world such as the one in Zlín. It's not quite small, but while there one feels like at home among their own family."


Christopher Lee

Sir Christopher Lee

Actor / United Kingdom (Rasputin: The Mad Monk, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

"It was the most marvelous experience to attend the Zlín Film Festival. It was such an interesting event, so well organized and the professionalism together with everybody's hospitality and charm, made it very unique. I am not surprised that it has been going on for so many years! With all my best wishes."


Gunnar Karlsson

Gunnar Karlsson

Illustrator, animator, member of the Joint International Jury of Children and Adults for Animated Films / Iceland

"I knew beforehand that the best beer in the world is in Zlín, but it came as a pleasant surprise to find out that the best and biggest children film festival is to be found there as well. It is an inspiration and an honor for any filmmaker to get the opportunity to experience the hospitality and the atmosphere of this children's-film-loving city."



Sir Peter Ustinov


Actor / United Kingdom

"I'm excited about this festival. I think it's a very good idea."

Haley Joel Osment

Joel Haley OSMENT

Actor / USA (Artificial Intelligence: AI, Pay It Forward)

"What you do for young audiences is overwhelming."


Andrej Chalimon


Actor / Russia

"The festival center is truly first class among international standards. I've never seen another festival like this... If I were invited to Zlín, I wouldn't hesitate. And when I was, I immediately agreed. There was nothing to decide."

Katerina JAKOB

Actress / Germany

"Zlin's festival has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Its organizers take care of their child audiences, which is wonderful. I think it's excellent that there's a festival in Europe that shows entertaining and educational films."


Maximillian Schell

Maximilian SCHELL

Actor / Austria

"The idea of a festival just for kids is an excellent one - if there is something that can help children, a festival like this one can."

Krzysztof Zanussi

Krzysztof ZANUSSI

Director / Poland

"I met many young people in Zlín who have an immense interest in movies. And that's what I like about the Zlín festival. There is close contact with them and talking to them is very exciting."


Michel Galabru


Actor / France

"Having a cinema crammed with children was an amazing experience. This festival truly has an enchanting atmosphere."